Blue Demon® "STINGER" Welding Gloves

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Blue Demon® "STINGER" Welding Gloves

Blue Demon Stinger Welding Gloves are engineered to keep your hands protected from the immense heat that fabrication and welding can generate. Made of top grain goat skin on the palm and back, you can perform how you do without being limited in motion or discomfort.

These gloves are cotton-lined on the inside and double-palmed extended to the base of the finger for even more heat protection, while the Kevlar threads keep it all together through the toughest of jobs. 


  • Top Grain Goat Skin Palm and Back
  • Double Reinforced Fingertips
  • Padded Top Grain Goatskin Double Palm Extend to Base of Finger for Added Protection
  • 100% Kevlar Sewn for Max Strength
  • Superior Protection, Durability, and Comfort!


To determine a glove size, measure (in inches) around the hand with a tape measure across the palm. For best results, measure the dominant hand, the right for a right-handed person, and the left if the person is left-handed.

Compare the measurement to the table below to find the corresponding glove size.

Size XS S M L XL 2XL 3XL
Men's 6" - 7" 7" - 8" 8" - 9" 9" - 10" 10" - 11" 11" - 12" 12" - 13"
Women's 6" - 7¼" 7¼" - 7½" 7½" - 7¾" 7¾" - 8" 8" - 8¼" - -
(To accommodate extra-long fingers and/or fingernails, please consider choosing one size up)