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The VIGOUR® dual flow-meter regulator is perfect for TIG welding and purge welding, it can also be used to run 2 TIG machines from the one bottle.
Stainless Steels as well as several other alloys require argon shielding on the back side in order to maintain stainless properties. The simplest way to do that is with a dual flow-meter. One is for the torch shielding gas, leaving an extra to provide a purge for stainless sanitary pipe, or argon shielding devices such as trailing shields, or purge blocks.
  • Features

    • Calibrated for 100% Argon and CO2 Gases for accurate readings.
    • Suits side and vertical entry bottles.  
    • Inlet pressure gauge to 4000 psi.
    • G5/8 TYPE 10 cylinder inlet connection.
    • 0-60 SCFH Flow, Preset output 50 PSI for Argon & CO2.
    • Comparable to Victor® DFM 150 Series.
    • German designed, High quality and super sturdy machined brass construction.
    • Designed to Fit Australian Argon Bottles.

(limited time only receive a free OWS shielding gas flow tester with every VIGOUR® 200 DUAL FLOW-METER REGULATOR)


VIGOUR® shielding gas regulators and flow-meters meet the requirements of AS 4267 under AS 2473: 1990 requirements for cylinder valve connections.

Instructions for changeover for vertical entry argon bottles below.

“you can change these three ports marked in red in the picture below optionally and keep the inlet unchanged.”