FURICK - Krewgger Freestyle Fabrication Glove

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FURICK - Krewgger Freestyle Fabrication Glove


Furick Krewgger  Freestyle Fabrication Gloves were personally designed By Michael Furick  for the fabricator that does a multitude of jobs and wants 1 set of gloves for most applications.

The Gloves feature a thin Cow  Leather construction. Which allows for more abrasive use then most thinner TIG only gloves.

Multiple locations on the Gloves feature double layers where the Hot spots and abrasive action contacts , The gloves are double stitched around the double layers to ensure a longer life with normal use.

These gloves are the type that get more comfortable with use and have a small break in period, which the gloves will eventually form to your hands .

They sport a Velcro strap up top with the rubber FURICK LOGO in yellow for style and visibility,

These are approved for all TIG and Light to medium MIG applications.