Magnetic Welding Ground Clamp (300A)

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Magnetic Welding Ground Clamp (300A)

This welding ground clamp is designed to hold a ground cable to any ferromagnetic surface. 
This device has strong holding power as well as a great amount of shear force holding strength to reduce sideways movement. 
Applicable to clamp both flat and round work pieces.
Simple operation, ON or OFF controlled by the switch.
Material Iron
Current 300A
Quantity 1pcs

A 60mm
B 32mm
C 71mm
D 36mm
E 42mm

On/Off magnetic welding ground clamp helps welders work fast with less hassle. Simple place it on a clean work surface, turn it on and start welding. No time wasted finding, making or removing a ground point. Just incredible time savings. Offers complete on/off control so metal dust just falls off - no cleaning. Strong hold, works on flat and round.
• Fast set up and grounds instantly.
• Simply place on clean surface and turn on then start welding.
• No more tacking on tabs or searching for grounds.
• Stays clean because magnetic field turns completely off.
• Strong grip on flat or round surfaces.
Package Included:
1 x 300A Magnetic Welding Ground Clamp