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The Jazzy 10 Ceramic kit

The Jazzy 10 Ceramic kit includes 2 ceramic cups and a spare diffuses . It performs identical to the original glass version but has the added strength ceramic cups bring. The ceramic version comes only in 3/32 –  2.4 mm tungsten size and will thread on a 45V44, the 17 adapter Kit or any STUBBY gas lens. It does not require Orings  

 will also fit your 17/26 and 9/20 torch using the OWS tig survival kit.

The Jazzy 10  will handle  up to 200 amps non continuance . And it is recommended for DC only applications 

NOTE:  the Diffuses in the cups are designed to work only with the Furick cup brand cups. We also recommend you buy a few spare diffuses to have, they are somewhat consumables and will eventually need to be replaced, The diffuses must be installed like you received them installed and must seal tightly around the cup or you will have poor results. They are designed to  have a gap between the 2 layers of screens and it is recommended you install them back that way, It may take a few tries to get the screens in properly but have patience , The cupped side goes in first .