About Us


Owned and Run by Marcus Baucza, (founder of all things @weldporn® and weldporn.com) Oz Welding Supplies is Australia and New Zealand exclusive dealer of weldporn® branded welding consumables from the USA.
We are somewhat of a boutique welding supplies store providing the best in specialty welding products the market has to offer.
We strive to provide exceptional customer service, time after time and if we haven't got a product (rare but it happens lol) we will go above and beyond to get it.
We are also exclusive dealers of Furick, Ticon, Tig aesthetics, LaSquare, 3M speedglas and Blue Demon® here in Australia and the "Go-To" supplier when it comes to Everlast Welders.
Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have I'll be more than happy to answer them either by phone, text or email.
Keep Blazing
Marcus Baucza
0438 801 368