Blue Demon® 7pc Tungsten Holder

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Blue Demon 7pc Tungsten Electrode Holder Set.


Store your new or used tungsten electrodes by color that match their AWS Class:  2% Thoriated, Pure, 2% Lanthanated, Multi-Mix, 1.5% Lanthanated, 2% ceriated, and True Flex Bendable.  Each tube holds up to 10 standard pcs of tungsten 3.2mm dia and smaller.  Will hold approximately 5-7 pieces of 4mm, 4.8mm, and 6.3mm tungsten electrodes.  Made of polyethylene.  Eyelet on each tube allows you to consolidate on large key ring as well.
Blue Demon 7pc Tungsten Electrode Storage Tube set – RED, GREEN, BLUE, PINK, YELLOW, BROWN, LIGHT BLUE