Blue Demon® 5000T - 450mm long x 2.4mm

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Blue Demon 5000T - 450mm long x 2.4mm pop pack TIG rod for cast iron repair (8 rods)


·         Cast iron repair with minimal or no pre-heat

·         Excellent for welding all cast irons

·         Welds copper to steel and stainless steel

·         Non-Carcinogenic

·         No nickel


Suggested settings for Cast Iron Repair:

DC Negative

100 Amps

100% Argon Shielding Gas

2% Thoriated Tungsten with pointed tip


General directions for use on cast iron repair:

For best results use a sparing amount of acetone on a rag and wipe the rod prior to use. If thickness permits, you can “V” out the crack to expose the clean metal. Some TIG welders like to make a quick pass or 2 over the crack to give it a little preheat but also to burn out any grease or oil. Make a puddle with the tip and add filler by a dipping the wire in the puddle. When you complete the weld always leave the weld with a deposit of filler. If the process is not successful, use a magnet to verify that the casting is iron.