Everlast Welders "STORM" 215C Mig/Stick/Plasma

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Everlast continues its tradition of innovation and industry firsts with the new multi-process Storm 215c. This new Multi-Process unit features a unique combination of MIG, Stick and Plasma Cutting processes.  A substantial duty cycle rating of 35% at the maximum rating of 200A MIG, 160A Stick and 40A plasma, means this unit is a serious fabrication and portable repair tool that fits well in home garage, auto-body outlet, fabrication shop or even service truck.   With a lengthy list of frequently requested features in each process, the unit offers no compromise performance and adjustability for the professional welder.  The compact size of the unit is definitely a shop space saver and lends itself to portable operations as well.  The advanced synergic function of the PowerSet mode allows almost any user to quickly set up and attain near perfect settings without having to consult door charts, or calculator apps, making it perfect for the novice welder or for the pro who is in a hurry to get welding.  The PowerSet mode will preset Volts, Amps and other features so that you don't have to go through a lengthy setup process. Of course, it does also allow fine tuning of the main settings of Volts and Amps where applicable if you need to make adjustments for differences in welding position and personal welding styles.

For those interested in portable repair operations, the unit requires just 8500 Surge watts of clean (5% or less THD) 240V power to operate from a generator. (Consult generator manufacturer about THD level prior to purchase of generator to confirm that it meets 5% or less THD.)


PLEASE NOTE: 15A Australian Plug Supplied for Testing Purposes only. To achieve the maximum performance out of your Everlast Machine please ensure your current breaker and wiring/socket setup at your place of use is sufficient enough to achieve this. For example you may be required to upgrade your breaker to a 32A dedicated circuit to suit, therefore allowing you to achieve your machines full duty cycle. If in doubt please contact your local licensed electrician for more info prior to purchasing and please see terms and conditions/warranty for more information.

Manufactured and compliant with IEC60974.10, CE Guaranteeing your electrical safety and performance. INDUSTRIAL USE ONLY

Full Specs and Information >>> Download PDF Manual HERE