FURICK FUPA 12 / MK14 Screen Install Tool

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Get Perfect screen Insertion on the FUPA 12 / MK14 glass and ceramic cups with this precision Machined PVC plastic tool.   It can be a pain to use your fingers to insert the screens and We finally have a simple solution to the Screen installs.

Step 1 –   Install the empty Glass or Ceramic  Cup on your torch with a 3/32 tungsten installed
Step 2 –  Install the screen over the Tungsten with the Cupped side first
Step 3 – slide on plastic tool and evenly apply pressure to the Side flange of tool , With a little pressure the Screen should Seat in the Cup perfectly,
You want the Screen to look like an Hour Glass when installed with the Screens sealing against the sidewalls of the Glass /Ceramic as shown in the Picture

NOTE- You may have to Cup the screen with your fingers more if it snags on the Ceramic.