LaGesse LaSquare

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LaGesse LaSquare

Directly imported from the USA, the LaGesse LaSquare 300mm combination square is THE best combo square you''ll ever own. Boasting a wide machined aluminum head and Hardened stainless steel blade you'll be frothing at the mouth every time you use it!!



  • This square is 100% made in the USA by LaSquare to the strictest of QC.
  • Extra wide 2" base provides extra stability and better accuracy when marking odd shaped items
  • The head is 2” wide x 4.5 long and 3.75” high and precision ground from hardened aluminum
  • The 300 mm blade is 1.00” wide by .085” thick, made from tempered stainless steel with a brushed finish
  • Blade has photo etched graduations with mm ans .5 mm markings on both sides of the blade