MiraFU Welding Turntable (10KG)

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MiraFU Welding Turntable

This light weight welding positioner is perfect for stainless and aluminium parts welding. The table can be used in any position from flat to vertical (0+-90°) allowing the welder to set-up in a comfortable position and churn out the same quality weld over and over again. 

This turntable has an easy controlling foot pedal and adjustable speed controller which is perfect for dialling in your welds.


Model MiraFU Welding Turntable
Power input AC 220V 50/60HZ
Capacity 10kg
Rotary table diameter 180mm
Rotary table Height 280mm
Rotary speed 1-8rpm
Tilt Mode Manual
Tilt angle 0-+90°

Rotary Motor


Horizontal loading capacity


Vertical loading capacity


Machine Colour Blue


Industrial Use Only.