OWS Tig Torch Packages (water cooled)

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Introducing the OWS Tig Torch packages.. Now Available in WP-18F (350A). These Tig Torch packages cables are 8 meters in length and are a DIRECT swap for any EVERLAST MACHINE

They feature super soft FLEX welding cable with quick connectors (35mm-70mm) to suit most welding machines these days.. We've also added push in gas/water  fittings, the FUPA 12 to the mix, a 8m long  plain cable cover and a simple ON/OFF switch. (please note that the switch connector might not fit all machines but it can be easily modified to suit your machine.. we advise you use a LICENSED ELECTRICIAN to modify this!)

Add it all up and you got a BADASS Tig Torch for your Machine, check em out!