OWS Tig Torches (body only)

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  • 1. Flex TIG Welding Torch Head Body available in the following style. (WP-9F, WP-17F, WP-18F and WP-26F Allowing it to bend at any direction.
  • 2. Air Cooled/Water Cooled, Torch Head With Copper Material Inside and Rubber Cover
  • 3. Torch Handle With High Quality Plastic Material, Comfortable Handling
  • 4. Standard Design Fitting For All DB SR WP- TIG Torches with the corresponding TIG Torch numbers. 
  • 5. OWS WP-9F (125A) air-cooled TIG torch

    6. OWS WP-17F (150A) air-cooled TIG torch

    7. OWS WP-18F (350A) water-cooled TIG torch

    8. OWS WP-26F (200A) air-cooled TIG Torch



    WP-9P and WP-26P (pencil style) and RF-9,17 & 26 (swivel head) just select from the drop down menu.