TWS Weld Cleaning Machine.

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(Tig Welding Solutions) Weld Cleaning Machine


Perfect for finishing off your staino projects once all the welding is done. The TWS Weld Cleaning Machine does not stain your projects unlike pickling paste, no more disgusting smells or acid burns!!

Simply switch the machine on, hook up the earth lead and brush and once the brush has been dipped in the EASYKLEEN welding solution and then touches the stainless it will start to clean off the colour and weld burn leaving your staino projects looking all shiny and sexy!

What's Included

-TWS Weld Cleaning Machine 

- 5 x Brushes 

- 1L All Machine Solution by EASYKLEEN.


Please note Weld Clean can cause harm to yourself if not used correctly. Please read the safety instructions and directions of use on the bottle before using.

Liquid Weld Clean cannot be shipped overseas and will have to be purchased from your local supplier.