FR Testudo 3.0 Jacket (Hood)

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 The world’s first ever welding jacket with a built-in hood.
: Right Handed
Hand made in the USA to the highest quality.
Up in smoke welding apparel is the best in the game. 


  • The Testudo 3.0 is patent-pending.
  • World’s first welding jacket with a built-in hood.
  • The sleeve on your dominant arm has been double lined with Carbon X to help mitigate the transfer of heat and help with the sleeve’s longevity.
  • Three-piece sleeves have increased in length, as well as incorporated a natural bend at the elbow for ease of movement.
  • More room in the shoulders for ease of movement.
  • Jackets have increased in length slightly.
  • Designed for light to medium-duty welding in warmer climates. Perfect for pipelining. Not meant for gouging.
  • Left and right-hand versions available.
  • The jacket’s body is constructed with North American Mount Vernon Mills FR twill, while the high wear areas utilize Carbon X Repel.
  • Strategically placed Carbon X material on the side of the hood, upper chest, and arms to help protect from burns and prolong the life of your garment.
  • By placing Carbon X only where you need it, it cuts down the weight and bulkiness of the garment while still delivering the protection you need.
  • Carbon X Repel is significantly lighter than leather. Its lighter weight increases comfort and decrease muscle exertion that builds up over a work shift.
  • Carbon X Repel sheds molten metal, certain chemicals, flammable liquids, and other molten substances while providing extraordinary protection against extreme heat and direct flame.
  • Sparks and spatter simply roll off the material.
  • Features a minimalist design to prevent snagging.
  • The garment features 6 American-made hidden YKK snap closures.
  • Venting in the back of the jacket for air circulation throughout the garment to help cool down the worker’s core.
  • The rear tail of the jacket is extended for added protection.
  • Heavy-duty Canadian-made FR and Kevlar thread is used to tolerate the abuse these garments endure.
  • Made in North America.
  • Machine Washable